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Senior Director, Product Management


- This product leader has great hands-on growth experience. Over the last 7 years he has taken an early stage SaaS company to the Forbes Cloud 100. He joined as an early employee and has scaled them to 400 employees with strong revenues & margins. While he's been mainly focused in leading the product vision and strategy, he also helped build out the marketing and sales departments as an interim leader. He's helped them define and evolve the GTM strategy and move from a single product company to multi-product. He comes from a technical background and enjoys being customer-facing and a product evangelist.


- Digital operations for IT/development, data/analytics, enterprise content management


- He's looking to join an early stage Canadian company (ideally ~10M in revenue or less).


- Currently in San Francisco. Ideally looking to move to Toronto or KW given family connections.


- Flexible. He's not in an immediate rush, but for the right opportunity could act fairly quickly.

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