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For Tech Employers

Talented Tech Leaders are ready to move to Canada.

We'd like to help them find you! Are you ready?

The Talent


We've identified and recruited experienced Leaders & Technical Professionals who are ready to move into new careers in Canada’s Innovation Economy.

Most are Canadian citizens or permanent residents who have been living in the US, working for successful tech companies. They are motivated to move home, but lack the network and resources to effectively navigate a job search.

Can My Company Recruit from the Canada Connect Talent Pool??


Our partners are some of Canada's top high-growth tech companies, investors and advisors. Canada Connect was designed to both help individuals return to great jobs in Canada, and to give our partners a first look at this returning talent. 

If your company is growing and offering interesting career opportunities, talk to us about how to get a first look at Canada Connect talent.

Here are some answers to the most common questions: FAQs

Are you ready to receive exclusive access to returning leaders?

Who Is Artemis Canada?

We are an established and successful team of executive recruiters, based in Waterloo, Ontario, in the heart of Canada's Innovation Ecosystem.


We're actively growing the Canadian talent pool, dedicating effort to seeking out the best professionals who are looking to come home.


We're match-makers who are excited about the potential of Canada's incredible tech companies.

Why did we launch Canada Connect?

Every day we hear from Canadians currently working in the US and in other regions globally.


They want to come home, but they lack a local network and an effective way to connect to the companies that need them.

These senior individuals deserve a great personal experience and confidential introductions.

Progressive companies want an extra edge, and an early opportunity to access this talent.

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