Frequently Asked Questions

Employer Questions:​​​​

1. A step-by step explanation of how this works:

  1. We provide a confidential and professional landing spot for the Senior Professionals who want confidentiality and curated introductions.

    • Talented execs and professionals are reaching out directly to us to inquire about opportunities.

    • We are actively prospecting in key markets, seeking out individuals with specific skills that are in demand, and who are considering coming home.

    • Each individual has given us permission to feature their profile and help with introductions

  2. We pre-qualify every candidate and select only the best to profile in the Artemis Canada Connect program

  3. We also pre-qualify the companies that are invited to subscribe to the Artemis Canada Connect program, so our partners are first in line for these introductions.

  4. We maintain candidate confidentiality by providing profiles that contain only high level information about the candidate. This is important to the individual and ensures that there aren't HR concerns with unsolicited resumes.

  5. Only if we proceed to a personal introduction AND the partner eventually hires the candidate, will there be fee.

  6. We are executive search professionals, so everyone will get personal service throughout the selection and hiring process, to ensure that a match is best for both the partner and the candidate. The candidate experience is critical.

  7. We guarantee the fit, and offer a 100% credit should the match not work out within 90 days.


2. What does the program cost?

There is no upfront cost to receive or view profiles. As the saying goes, window-shopping is free.

If a partner decides to request more information or an introduction, we’ll help coordinate the exploratory discussions - still at no cost.

Only if a partner opts to hire an individual who was introduced through the program, will a fee apply.

If a partner successfully hires a candidate who was introduced through the Artemis Canada Connect program, a fee of 20% of first year cash compensation will be payable within 30 days of their start date. We will also guarantee the hire, and credit the full fee towards another hire, should things not work out within the first 90 days.

And of course if you have questions – just ask!

3. Is this a tricky way to send unsolicited resume to my company?

In a word - no. We're aiming to deliver a valuable service, not trick our partners into paying fees. Partners will not receive any resumes, or specific candidate information until they directly request an introduction.

Think of this as a catalogue of pre-qualified and motivated candidates. 

Only if an employer opts for an introduction, will we submit complete candidate information.


4. What if a partner asks for an introduction and the candidate is someone who they already know?

This isn’t really complicated. We’ll talk to the candidate about the company and the opportunity, and ask if they are already are in contact. If the introduction isn’t necessary as a result, we’ll talk and the company can carry on and hire this person with no fee obligation.

We’re out to solve a problem and make connections that otherwise wouldn’t be made. I’m sure that you’ll find us to be both fair and reasonable. 

5. Will we be responsible for sponsoring international visas, paying for relocation expenses, or helping with the logistics of a move to Canada?

Part of our screening process includes understanding whether each individual is a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident or will require a visa. Partners will know this at the time of the introduction and can continue, or not, at their discretion.

We will also ask about the individual’s plan to move to Canada, and whether they are prepared to pay for their own relocation. If they require or request assistance, the company will know before getting started.

As with all of our work, we want to be sure that there are no surprise complications.


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