Frequently Asked Questions

Candidate Questions:​​​​


1. How Canada Connect work?

  • Once you reach out to us, we'll determine if you qualify and will reach out to learn a little more about you and your plans.

  • We want to hear your story. We'll need to understand your career goals and also get a summary of your experience, objectives and the timing and logistical details of your potential move.

  • We do not guarantee a placement or replace the need for you to conduct your own job search. The purpose of Canada Connect is to provide you with market insights and to help you navigate your journey home.

  • We maintain your confidentiality and would share with companies profiles that contain only high level information.

  • If a client of Artemis Canada requests an introduction, will we reach out to get your permission to share specific details and your complete resume. So you'll remain in control of who receives your resume and information.

  • We are executive search professionals, so you’ll get personal service throughout the selection and hiring process, to ensure that a match is best for both you and the company. We strive to offer transparency and continuous feedback.

  • If there is an opportunity to introduce you to a client, we'll work with you to get right through to a successfully negotiated offer of employment.



2. What does the program cost?

There are no costs to candidates for getting our advice or receiving and introduction. 

3. Will Artemis manage my Canadian job search?

The Canada Connect program is just one part of your job search.

We may have some exciting companies who want to view your profile, but we can't guarantee that there will be the perfect opportunity with one of our clients.


As a candidate your anonymous profile may be put in front of many hiring managers, but we won't access the entire market of employers with your profile.


4. What if I currently work for a company with a Canadian office? Can you ensure the confidentiality of my search?

The confidentiality of your job search is important to us. Your profile will not contain your name or any specific identifying information. Before a company can view your resume, we get your permission.

5. Who will be responsible for sponsoring international visas and/or paying for relocation expenses?

We aren't immigration lawyers or relocation specialists. We can make the connections happen, but the logistics will be the responsibility of you and the company that decides to hire you.

Part of our screening process includes understanding whether you are a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident or will require a visa. We'll share this with the company at the time of the introduction, so there will be no surprises or wasted time.

The costs and logistics of your move may be covered by your new employer, or maybe not. We'll have this conversation on your behalf - again no surprises.