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VP Product Management


This VP Product Management has worked with early stage companies (ie. growing from 20M to 70M), and a large scale SaaS company (via acquisition). He's currently at a high growth company again helping to build and define the product strategy and roadmap. He's worked with very technical SaaS solutions, and enjoys being in an innovative environment. He's used to integrating acquisitions, managing a globally dispersed team, developing strategies for both mature + innovative products, and leading with influence. He's happy in his role now, but he wants to move back to Canada.


SaaS, Product Development Software, Software Testing, Product Lifecycle Management Software


He wants to continue to be in a strategic PM leadership role with a small to mid-sized company, where he can make a large impact.


Ideally looking to move to KW or Ottawa. Open to Toronto opportunities as well.


Could start remotely relatively soon, but ideally would wait until the Summer to relocate.


Canadian Citizen

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